Education Projects


  • Neill Elementary Kitchen Remodel

    Neill Elementary Kitchen Remodel

    2,500 sf  remodel of the existing kitchen.  Including roof reinforcing and new roofing, mechanical units, underground plumbing, electrical and kitchen…

  • Cologne Academy

    Cologne Academy

    Project Scope Included a 35,000 Square foot addition to the existing Cologne Academy.  Project scope included classrooms, competition gym, concessions…

  • Olson Middle School

    Olson Middle School

    Project included the renovation of existing pool and locker room area during the school year.  Scope included the full removal…

  • Franklin Elementary

    Franklin Elementary

    Project included a 3-story 10,000 sf classroom addition to the existing school, elevator installation at existing 1900’s school as well…

  • Kiddiegarten


    11,500 sf New Daycare Facility in Maple Grove.

  • New Millennium Academy

    New Millennium Academy

    Demolish existing buildings, construct an 82,000 sf new Charter School.  Project Scope Included ground up construction of a new 85,000…

  • Academia Cesar Chavez

    Academia Cesar Chavez

    37,000 sf addition & 6,000 renovation.  Project Scope Included a 37,000 square foot addition and renovations to the existing 51,000…

  • Primrose School of Chanhassen

    Primrose School of Chanhassen

    Single story, wood framed, masonry Daycare/ Pre School with artificial turf system.  

  • Anoka Ramsey Community College

    Anoka Ramsey Community College

    Remoded the existing Fine Arts Building.Added 2-story addition to house the new elevator and a new skyway link to the visual…

  • Noble Academy

    Noble Academy

    105,000 Sf new ground up charter school with gymnasium,  auditorium, classrooms.  

  • Freedom Elementary

    Freedom Elementary

    67,000 sf New Construction Classrooms, Lunchroom, Kitchen, Gymnasium & Auditorium

  • Rockford High School

    Rockford High School

    75,000SF renovation and infrastructure upgrades, with a 3,000 SF addition, and complete new kitchen/serving area.  

  • Sand Creek Elementary

    Sand Creek Elementary

    This project included a new 10,000 SF classroom addition along with remodeling 3,000 SF of the existing schools classrooms. Construction…

  • Neill Elementary

    This project consisted of a 1,500 SF entryway / classroom addition utilizing block / brick cavity walls to match existing…

  • Princeton High School

    Princeton High School

    The project consists of a 20,000 SF gymnasium / Entryway / Office / Bathroom addition utilizing precast and block/brick cavity…

  • High School for Recording Arts

    High School for Recording Arts

    The project consists of a 9,000 SF gymnasium / front entryway addition utilizing precast and metal panel finishes. The existing…

  • Minnetonka Student Union Center

    Minnetonka Student Union Center

    A 2 story addition and remodle courtyard. Classroom renovations and a new student union.